Traditional Thai Massage Education!

Traditional Thai massage is a holistic form of massage which stimulates all of our body systems by the interplay of various elements of yoga, acupressure and reflexology.

We turn to professional therapists, to fitness-, health and beauty branches, and also to private individuals who want to practise Thai massage in private circle, or those who are looking for a new professional start.

We are affiliated partner of TMC Chiang Mai, one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized Thai massage schools.
Our curriculum comply with the directions of the Thai Ministry of Education for the training of traditional Thai massage therapists.

With the completion of our course you will receive a certificate which is recognized and credited for further courses in Thailand, i.e. if you which to go for the Thai massage teacher training.

We organize seminars and Thai massage courses on the Spanish island Majorca and in various German cities. Find more info on erotic massage London here.

Gaby Gaida Certified
Thai Massage Teacher TMC "GCT 600", Thailand